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PRINCE2 vs PMP is the wrong question.  PRINCE2 and PMP is a better approach.  Getting certified in the PRINCE2 methodology complements your PMP credential and adds to your skills.  PRINCE2 training from Advantage Learning awards 59 PDUs.

PRINCE2 vs PMP – the details

PRINCE2 and PMP are the 2 most popular project management certifications.

But they are not the same: PRINCE2 is a project management method.  A method is a step by step of the processes and activities from start to finish.  The PMBOK Guide is the sum of knowledge in the project management profession.  It contains what is generally accepted on most projects, most of the time.

The simple way to think of it is this:

  • The PRINCE2 method covers what a Project Manager should do
  • The PMBOK framework covers what a Project Manager should know

It’s like driving.  When you learned to drive you needed knowledge.  You had to learn what the road signs meant and the speed limits on different types of road.  But you also needed process.  You had to learn the steps to safely control the car such as such as checking your mirror, signalling and then pulling out, for example.  This is PRINCE2 and the PMBOK working together.

PRINCE2 vs PMP – don’t re-invent the process wheel

Many North American organizations still use in-house project management methods.  These need a lot of resource and time to write, maintain and train new staff.  They are only used in 1 organization so there’s no pool of trained practitioners to recruit from.  This has happened because organizations have been unaware of PRINCE2 or thought it was in conflict with the PMBOK.

Today PRINCE2 has over 1.5 million certified professionals worldwide.  A growing number in Canada and Ottawa has more than most.  Adopting PRINCE2 as your in-house method has many benefits:

  • No maintainance.  PRINCE2 is updated regularly by an international group of users co-ordinated by the British Government.
  • Evidence of quality.  Embedding PRINCE2 shows your customers that you are following an  an international standard.
  • Value driven project management.  PRINCE2 projects are based on the business case.  Benefits and value are used to start, maintain and stop a PRINCE2 project
  • Builds on the PMBOK framework.  Advantage Learning courses are recognized by PMI for PDUs.  This means that the subject matter has been checked against the PMBOK and adds value for PMPs.  If there was any conflict with PMBOK, PMI would not award PDUs for PRINCE2 training

So, don’t think PRINCE2 vs PMP. Think about how PRINCE2 can extend your skills, work with your PMP and improve your project delivery.  Contact Us to find out more

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