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What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is the most popular project management methodology in the world.  It has over 1.5 million certified professionals.  The title is an abbreviation of PRojects IN Controlled Environments.  The PRINCE methodology began in the UK where is was written for Government IT projects.  In 1996, PRINCE version 2 was released as a generic version of the method.  Today, it is used on every continent.  Advantage Learning introduced the PRINCE2 methodology to Canada in 2007 and certifications have grown from only 40 a year to over 800 per year today.  PRINCE2 is proven and accepted all over the world.  Canadian project managers who use the method benefit from a step by step approach which complements the PMBOK Guide.

Structure of the PRINCE2 Methodology

The PRINCE2 methodology includes 7 Principles, 7 Themes and 7 Processes.  The 7 Principles are universal to all PRINCE2 projects.  They are self-evident and empower the project manager to run a successful project.  The most important principle is Continuous Business Justification;  a PRINCE2 project is driven by the benefits in its business case.  The business case must be valid at all times.  PRINCE2 makes regular checks on the business case and can stop or pause the project if it is not delivering value.

The 7 PRINCE2 Processes give the project manager a clear road-map of activities and documents.  From the first idea of the project, to delivery and close out, the PRINCE2 methodology has a step by step approach that increases your chance of success.  The PRINCE2 Processes answer the question; “what do I do here?”   Finally, 7 PRINCE2 Themes link with the activities of the Process model and provide information and detail about key areas including the Business Case, Planning techniques and Risk

PRINCE2 Certification in Ottawa

Advantage Learning has a full schedule of Ottawa PRINCE2 training courses.  Besides instructor led training you can also study PRINCE2 online.  PRINCE2 certification is available at Foundation or Practitioner levels and PDUs are available for all forms of training.  After 3 years under version 2017, a Re-registration exam is taken to maintain your certification.  Advantage Learning also provides customized PRINCE2 training courses in Ottawa including Executive Briefings.

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